Home Equity Line of Credit Transfer Steps

We are very excited to offer this new feature to our customers. In order to start the online Home Equity Line of Credit transfer process, please identify the scenario that describes your current status and follow the steps outlined below:

If you are not enrolled in online banking, you will need to apply before having the ability to complete transfers. Applying is easy, simply:

1. Visit the website at www.oceanfirst.com.
2. Click “Sign Up” In the login section.
3. Complete the registration form using one of your accounts and click submit.
4. Upon completion you will receive one of 2 messages:

  • Sign up completed! - If you receive this message, you will be able to log in and make transfers immediately.
  • Pending review - If you receive this message, you will have to wait until you receive an email that your application has been approved before you can to log in. Once you have been approved, please complete an Add/Remove Accounts request to add additional accounts.

If you are currently enrolled in online banking, but do not see your Home Equity Line of Credit online, you will need to submit an Add/Remove Accounts request from our website to add the loan to your online banking dashboard. To do so, simply:

1. Visit www.oceanfirst.com.
2. Click “Add/Remove Accounts” In the login section.
3. Complete the required form information, including the loan account number.
4. Your loan will be visible within online banking after overnight processing.
5. Follow the steps below to complete transfers.

If your Home Equity Line of Credit Loan is already visible in online banking, you can make transfers to your deposit accounts by following these easy steps:

1. Log into your online banking account.
2. Hover over the “Move Money” tab.
3. Click “Make a Transfer”.
4. Select your loan as the “From” account.
5. Select a deposit account as your “To” account.
6. Select the date you wish to make the transfer.
7. Input the amount of your transfer.
8. Click “Make Transfer”.
9. Click “Confirm”.