Effective January 1, 2017

Account Related Fees

Service Fee
Bank Checks $10 Each
Bond Coupon Deposit $10 Per envelope
Returned Bond Coupon $15 Per returned envelope
Visa® Check Card Services
   Non-OceanFirst ATM
   Free for Simply Great Checking and A+ Student Checking

   Replacement Card
   Expedited Delivery

$2.50 per widthdrawl

$5 Each
$25 Per Delivery

Checks & Statements
Paper Statements
Free with eStatement
$5 per mailed statement

Check Printing
   and Checking Account Supplies*
   Free basic checks for Simply Great Checking

Fee varies based on style

Checks - Encoded Temporary

$2 per 10 checks
   By Another Institution of an OceanFirst Account
   Charge off

   By OceanFirst of Foreign Checks

$40 Per transfer
$50 Per account

$25 + Charges
OceanFirst is assessed
Copy of:
   Account Activity
   Cancelled Checks
   (Includes Bank Checks and Money Orders)
   Deposit/Deposited Items
   Online Bill Pay Draft

$5 Each
$5 Each

$5 Per ticket/item
$20 Each
$5 Each

Escheat Fee

$100 Each Item

Excess Transaction Fee
   Money Market & Savings Accounts 
   (over 6 transactions per statement, not including in-person & ATM Transactions)

$15 Each Item

Inactive Account
   Applies to checking, savings, and money market accounts with no activity for prior 6 months.
$5 Per month
Insufficient/Uncollected Funds
  (Includes checks, Visa® Check Card transactions, ATM
  withdrawals, Electronic Funds Transfers, Online Bill
  Payments,Internal Transfers and Automated Loan Payments. Maximun of 6 NSF fees per day)

   Returned / Paid items

   Loan payment returned items
   Sustained Overdraft

$35 Each

$35 Each
$7/Day (Beginning on the 5th consecutive day account is overdrawn)

Legal Actions: levies, subpoenas, etc. $125/Hour
Lost Passbook Free
No Mail Fee $5 Per Month
Overdraft Protection Via:
   Transfer of Funds from another OceanFirst Account
   Unsecured Line of Credit
   (Transfers in $100 increments.)

$15 Per day
Applicable interest charges
Premature Account Closing Fee
   Applies to checking and savings accounts
   within 6 months of account opening

$35 Per occurence plus any cash premiums received by customer

Research/Reconcilement $25 Per hour (1 hour minimum)
Return of a Deposited or Cashed Item $15 Each
Returned Statement $5 Per returned statement
Stop Payment
   (Includes Checks, Bank Checks, Money Orders, Electronic Fund Transfers, and Online Bill Payments)
$35 Each
Wire Transfers - Customers Only
   Outgoing - Domestic
   Outgoing - Foreign
   Return / Reversal

$15 Each
$30 Each
$50 Each
$25 Each

Fees For Other Services

Service Fee
Coin Machine

10% of value counted
Financial Consultation Free
Money Orders
   Customers Only

$5 Each
Notary Service Free
Safe Deposit Boxes:
Annual Price Plus NJ Sales Tax
   2 X 5
   3 X 5
   5 X 5
   3 X 10
   5 X 10
   6 X 10
   8 X 10
   9 X 10
   10 X 10
   11 X 16
   Late Fee (past due 30 days)
   Lost Key

Portfolio & Estate Plan Review
Will Review

ONLINE BANKING: www.oceanfirst.com
   Online Account Access
   Internal Account Transfers
   Bill Pay Services (Free with Simply Great
   Checking, Classic Checking and Blue Chip
   Investment Account tied to any personal checking)

Expedited Bill Pay
   Overnight Check
   Overnight Electronic

Online Transfers
   Internal Transfers
   Inbound Transfers
   Standard Outbound
   Next Day Outbound

FREE First 6 months
$5.95 per month, unlimited items

$25 Each
$5 Each

$5 Each
$10 Each