FREE Fraud Monitoring with your OceanFirst Visa® Debit Card

At OceanFirst we believe that protecting your financial information is an important responsibility. So every OceanFirst Visa® Debit Card automatically receives special Fraud Monitoring service FREE.

With customized software, your account is monitored for unusual activity--- such as large or more frequent transactions.

If unusual activity is suspected, a Fraud Protection Specialist may contact you by phone to verify the authenticity.

This reassuring "extra" is just one more way we thank you for choosing to bank with OceanFirst

Make sure we know how to reach you. It is important that we know how to reach you by phone in the event there is potentially fraudulent use of your OceanFirst Visa® Debit Card. To verify or update your contact information, please contact your OceanFirst branch or call 1-888-OCEAN33 ext. 7710.

Protect your OceanFirst Visa® Debit Card and PIN. Take the extra steps to protect your debit card and personal information.

  • Your PIN is private, never give it to anyone.
  • Always cover your debit card and PIN and be aware of your surroundings---watch for cell phone cameras, mirrors, or other tools that may be used to view cards and or PINs.